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Owner & Founder

Chef Rosie Schofield, the Founder of Rosie's Baked Macaroni & Cheese, as she  begin cooking as a little girl growing up in a small town of Beckley, WV.  She was taught to love what you do, and has always put that main ingredient we call "LOVE" in all of her dishes, and a little extra LOVE for her baked macaroni & cheese.


Rosie began making her signature baked macaroni & cheese dish over 40 years ago.  She has totally mastered the perfect blend of cheddars for her signature creamy cheese sauce, pristine pasta noodles, that is graced with her special toppings and baked for your enjoyment for a fresh home cooked meal.

Chef Rosie is unique, her participation in County Fairs has gained her significant prestige in her local community.  The demand for her signature macaroni and cheese is high, at the request from her community and surrounding communities, and although her product is manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia, the supply is now available to all 50 states of North America.  Surrounding countries and overseas markets are in the near future.

Chef Rosie and her entire staff will succeed to make this available to the entire world.  One of her most famous quotes is  that "everyone deserves a taste".


Owner & CEO

Chef Kevin Schofield, also Executive Chef and newly appointed CEO of Rosie's Macaroni, LLC DBA The SCHOFIELD Factory, has always expressed a love for cooking with the simple hope to see the gratitude and appreciation of the the ultimate food experience from his customers. 


"CHEF Kev", as he is called in the kitchen, has acquired one of the most significant roles in our company and that's mastering the art of Rosie's SECRET Creamy Cheese Sauce.  Rosie's SECRET sauce is "Second to NONE", her signature recipe takes time and textbook like consistency, this is where her main ingredient comes in to play in which we call "LOVE", pure and simple. 


Quality and Assurance is what we want our customers to experience, knowing they will experience the same great taste, every time.

CHEF Kev, also contributes a great deal of experience, with backgrounds in Business Implementation and Planning, Accounting, Finance, Legal, and Graphic Design.  If you want to see "CHEF Kev" at his best, you can find him at "The SCHOFIELD Factory" doing what he does best!


Owner & COO

CHEF William Schofield, also CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER of Rosie's Macaroni, LLC DBA The SCHOFIELD Factory.  As Master Chef William has held other offices as COO with prior companies, he brings an extensive knowledge base and experience to our factory, along with a Master's Degree in Executive Management.  Chef William has a broad spectrum of business knowledge and is on the cutting edge of Technology and Development.  His motto is "Professionalism", and demands that all functions of our operation is to its highest standards.

Chef William’s leadership and go get it attitude can be credited through the U.S. Army, as he is a veteran and earned Letters of Achievement and an Army Commendation Medal for his meritorious achievement as he personally managed 10’s of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and its maintenance during his tour overseas.

Although Master Chef William mindset of being professional in all that you do, has also acquired the role in mastering the signature taste of Rosie's pasta noodles, along with Special Toppings.  These are not just any regular simple pasta noodles, they are prepared at the perfect temperature and seasoned to the perfect taste.  He also prepares the Special Toppings which are a "one of a kind" blend of buttery crisp breading that's crumbled for exquisite taste and texture.

Chef William is also Certified in Food Safety Management, and ensure all staff members adhere to all rules and regulations for The SCHOFIELD Factory, as permitted by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  


 Owner &  CMO

CHEF Sara Stinnett, also newly appointed "CMO" of The SCHOFIELD Factory, will assume role of as our Chief Global Marketing Officer, responsible for facilitating the growth, sales and marketing strategies for Rosie's Macaroni.  Chef Sara also brings a great deal of knowledge with a Master's Degree in Biological Sciences.  As a college professor Chef Sara is usually breaking down the structural organization of living things in her Anatomy class.  Chef Sara, will use that same structure to implement a Marketing, Advertising, and Sales plan that will reach all countries throughout the globe, breaking down any anomalies with her "thinking outside the box" personality.

Chef Sara, is also the first to master Rosie's TOP SECRET cheese sauce.  With her attention to detail and "first impression/last impression" charismatic awareness, she brings a very intense level and class to our company.  She expects nothing less than simple perfection at its highest level.

Chef Sara, is also very active in her community, often meeting people through diverse backgrounds of life.  As a mother of three, she will be the 1st to let you know that kids are "Craving for it" and parents "Just got to have it".

In her spare time, Chef Sara also enjoys helping others get fit as a Zumba Instructor, and you might see her on-set filming or in a recording studio with her love for entertainment.  Stay tuned for Rosie's Macaroni commercials!