The SCHOFIELD Factory, is a gourmet food manufacturing company specializing in providing the ultimate food experience starting with our signature dish “Rosie's Baked Macaroni & Cheese.”


We are based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and we provide a frozen baked macaroni and cheese dish made with all-natural products that will be available for all retail stores, whether it's organic and more common local grocery stores.


Our product is so unique because of its original homemade SECRET cheese sauce that usually requires a significant time preparing in the kitchen. We have taken out al the hard work so you can enjoy by simply baking it in the oven.  Our product is what people crave for but just cannot seem to find, made by the best of our gourmet chefs.  Rosie’s Secret sauce has an enlightening creamy texture, that strikes your palate in ways that you never knew existed.  Made with all natural products that include milk, cream, and a blend of three cheeses. Her special toppings also include a blend of those cheeses, topped with a sautéed breading that is crumbled for exquisite taste and texture.


We are currently looking to expand our product in all communities and to all families that have been searching for a Homemade dish, with simple baking instructions for a family meal.


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What sets us apart from our competitor's?

Although our main ingredient is LOVE, we take serious consideration on making a meal that is nutritious as well as enjoyable.  We use all natural ingredients, and enjoy putting a little extra LOVE in each made batch,  down to the last detail.  

  • Good Source of VITAMIN D

  • 15G of PROTEIN

  • 351mg of CALCIUM

  • Great Source of POTASSIUM

Nutrition Icons
  • Low Sodium - (Most Competitor's have twice the amount of Sodium or more.)


Nutrition Facts -  Rosie's Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Our Product is packaged in a 24 ounce tin foil pan, then covered with a lid and plastic seal.

Product is then placed in custom box design with dark border line trimming.  Remember, it's not Rosie's Macaroni if you don't see The SCHOFIELD Factory (TM) oval Logo!

Next our product is placed in cases that contains 12 units.  Cases are stored in our walk in freezer and placed on pallets. Cases can be sold and delivered individually or sold in pallets that contains 50 cases, which is 600 units.

 Our #1 goal is to ensure the availability of Rosie's Baked Macaroni & Cheese. 
Everyone deserves a chance to try this delicious experience.
New Product Request Form
If you can't find our product at your local grocery store...It's simple, just print below form and enter the name and address of all retail grocery stores you visit.  This is our NEW PRODUCT REQUEST FORM, be sure to give this to the store manager on your next visit.
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Rosie's Baked Macaroni & Cheese
New Packaging coming soon, as we will be updating our Brand Name from Rosie's Macaroni to The SCHOFIELD Factory.  See below for a fresh new look coming to you soon.
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