ROSIE’S MACARONI, is a professional food manufacturing facility based out of Atlanta, Georgia that provides a Frozen Baked Macaroni and Cheese dish that is served as freshly made.  Our product is so unique because of its original homemade SECRET cheese sauce, that usually requires a significant time preparing in the kitchen.  We’ve taken out all the hard work, so you can enjoy by simply just baking it in the oven. 


Our product is what people crave for, but just can’t seem to find.  It is prepared by the best of skilled professionals and highly trained gourmet chefs.  We are currently looking to expand our product into all communities throughout the world.  This is for everyone, individuals or groups, families, and all lines of business professionals that have been searching for a Homemade dish...well seek no more, it is here with simple baking instructions, ready for you to enjoy.


Rosie’s Secret sauce has an enlightening creamy texture, that strikes your palate in ways that you never knew existed.  Her special toppings include a blend of cheddars topped with a buttery crisp breading that’s crumbled for exquisite taste and texture.


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Our Product is packaged in a 24 ounce tin foil pan, then covered with a lid and plastic seal.

Product is then placed in custom box design with dark border line trimming.  Remember, it's not Rosie's if you don't see Rosie's Trademarked oval Logo!

Next our product is placed in cases that contains 24 units.  Cases are stored in our walk in freezer and placed on pallets. Cases can be sold and delivered individually or sold in pallets that contains 25 cases, which is 600 units.

The availability of Rosie's Macaroni, is our #1 goal!  Everyone deserves this Macaroni experience.
If you can't find our product at your local grocery store...It's simple, just print below form and enter the name and address of all retail grocery stores you visit.  This is our NEW PRODUCT REQUEST FORM, be sure to give this to the store manager on your next visit.
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